FAQ Page

Pre Sale

1Where can I find prices of your products?

Prices of our products can be found only in our pdf presentations. Please send us your query through our email contact form and we shall revert immediately with the related pdf presentation. In each presentation, you will find all information regarding the product, pricing, packaging and shipping issues.

2How can I calculate the transport costs up to my warehouse/office?

In order to be able to offer you a specific transport quote, we must know the exact order as well as the exact delivery address. A transport quote for a specific location might be totally different if it refers to a fully loaded pallet or to 10 cartons. Thus, please do not hesitate to ask us!

3Can I ask for samples of the products you sell?

Of course! We always send samples to our potential customers. Only then we are sure that our customers know what they will buy. In addition, it is our competitive advantage to have our products tested before we receive an order. It assures our quality!

4Will you keep the quality of the products with those sent as samples?

We assure that the quality of the samples is the quality of the product you will receive later. Firstly, because our samples are actually parts of our orders and secondly because we believe in a mutually beneficial business collaboration with you. Changing the quality or sending you something different from what we agreed, it ensures the damage of our company. This is not going to happen and the proof are the loyal customers of 20 different countries.

5Can I have your products with private label?

We offer the ability to produce your customized packaging in most of our products. However there are some terms and conditions that applied. For more information, please send us your exact inquiry. We would be more than glad to answer and assist you further.

After Sale

1How can I track my order?

There are many options to track your order. However, it primarily depends on the way of shipping the order. In any case, we shall provide you all the necessary information to track it either by providing the AWB No or the unique code of our affiliate forwarding companies.

2How to keep incense fresh and dry?

Our incense is always fresh. Since we do not stock our incense, we produce only after a confirmed order. Thus you will always receive the incense fresh and moisture. However, you might need to stock it for a longer period of time and since incense has a tendency to get dry (especially if the storage conditions are warm and dry), we suggest opening the boxes occasionally and shaking them slowly to allow the powder to cover all pieces.

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