Oros C – Premium Quality
-fully scented
-soft pieces
-many different colors
-available in all scents
-squared pieces (cushion-shaped)
Incense product list 2021 for website1024_1
Oros C incense is available in more than 36 different scents.
Oros C is also available in small plastic boxes of 35gr.

Incense Colors 2021
Oros C is available in 6 different colors.
The incense kit is available with:
• Incense “ Oros C” (14gr)
• Charcoal tablet 27mm “FLOGA” (7 tablets)
• Wicks (paraffin or beeswax)
• Round float (1 piece) & Plastic nipper (1 piece)
Oros C is also available in Pie Type. Its main difference is that it is cut in different shaped pieces which are smaller and more flat. It is also available in 46 different scents and in six different colors.
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